Explore all our filtration and spray booth protection products

Exhaust filters for paint

Through continuous sourcing and optimisation of existing solutions, our paper, polyester and cardboard filters can trap ultra-fine overspray particles in your facilities.

Air treatment filters

Using our cutting and manufacturing workshops, we are able to provide you with a full range of air treatment products (frames, bags, panels) specifically tailored to the way your facility operates.

Spray booth protection

To extend the life of your facility and optimise ease of use, we offer a wide range of cleaning and protection products for your spray booth.

A solution for every industry

Three flagship products from the IFT range are now considered benchmarks in the automotive, aviation and luxury packaging industries. They represent the backbone of our comprehensive range of essential surface treatment consumable products.



Trapping hexavalent chromium particles is an ever-present concern in aeronautics. At IFT, mindful of the productivity constraints in this industry, we provide an optimal solution with our GREEN 12 filter.
  •  Specially developed to trap Chrome IV  particles.
  •  Optimised lifespan  to permit the highest speeds.
  •  Recycled PET  used to minimise its carbon footprint.


IFT provides its PC CUBE solution to meet the specific needs of the automotive industry. The result of research by the world’s leading manufacturer of kraft paper filters, the PC CUBE products boost the efficiency of paper filters by featuring a unique configuration. They offer three major advantages.

  • Optimal cost-effectiveness thanks to a maximised lifespan.
  • Unmatched modularity for more flexible use .
  • Total personalisation to meet your specific needs.

Luxury packaging

In the luxury packaging industry, trapping varnish is a major challenge. IFT has answered this need with its Green 08 filter, a next generation filter that combines its technical capabilities with a focus on environmental protection.
  • Costant performance with all types of varnish
  • An exceptional balance of lifespan and efficiency.
  • A design using recycled raw material.