We have the know-how, expertise and creativity to deliver the right solution tailored to your needs.

When we created IFT almost 30 years ago, we did not want to be merely another player in the world of industrial filtration. From the start, we sought to offer more than just products to our customers.

Stéphane Cardo, CEO of IFT

Our mission

To build a genuine trust-based relationship with our customers backed by our extensive range of high-quality products together with our keen expertise and relevant process recommendations.

To support you throughout our relationship so that the solutions implemented are the most appropriate and efficient to optimise your facility’s operation from the very beginning and throughout its lifetime.

We are constantly optimising our products to best meet your needs

Having introduced multi-layer paper filters in France when the company was founded, IFT has since expanded our range to offer the best filtration solutions to enhance the efficiency of both air treatment and exhaust systems.

Preventing risks, reducing costs and waste, saving energy.

In order to better protect the environment and operators, we insist on offering products that satisfy the toughest standards. We are always seeking more efficient products and are involved in developing new top-performance solutions.

Our best-selling PC CUBE filters and the GREEN range demonstrate this commitment to finding the best combination.