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Enclosed fine filter

This enclosed fine filter is made of fibreglass.

Its rigid and pleated structure combines an exceptional degree of filtration with a solution designed for your ventilation and air-conditioning systems.


Widely used in plenums, its rigid and pleated structure provides an excellent degree of filtration. Gasket and grille optional. Other dimensions available on request.

Standard dimensions
592 x 592 x 48 mm592 x 592 x 48 mm592 x 592 x 48 mm592 x 592 x 48 mm
Media surface area
6 m26 m26 m26 m2
Class (ISO 16890)ePM10>60ePM2,5 65-80 % ePM1>65% - 80%ePM1>80%
Class (EN 779/2012)M6F7F8F9
Initial pressure drop
80 Pa100 Pa120 Pa150 Pa